HeatWork’s logos and branding have been developed to communicate HeatWork’s values.
It’s important that they are used correctly in different contexts.


HeatWork’s primary logo, red/black/gray, is to be used on a white background, where it looks natural and doesn’t conflict with background colors or other logos.

HeatWork’s secondary logo, white, should preferably be used on red backgrounds or other coloured backgrounds.
This is most often used on textiles, embroidered or printed.

Primary colors

Primary colours in HeatWorks logo Red:

  • Pantone (PMS): 1797C
  • CMYK: C2/M98/Y85/K7
  • RGB: R196/G38/B46
  • RAL: Red 3001 for outer casing, Grey 7035 for back door, Grey 7040 for tanks, drums etc.