HeatWork Control

Get control and management of your machines when you’re on the go!

HeatWork Control is a digital platform on app or web portal that allows you to get a full overview and control of your HeatWork machines, wherever you are! The solution gives you full digital control, insight, GPS position, error- and operating messages, service notification etc., directly in the app and web portal. This means that you can make immediate and necessary decisions for running your projects, at any time!



To use digital control of your machine with HeatWork Control you must:

    1. Order PLC control with your new HeatWork machine. PLC control can also be retrofitted on 2012 models and newer.
    2. Sign up for one of the three different subscriptions as shown below

* PLC control is currently only available for HW 3600, HW 6000e and CliWi 400kW

Choose between three different subscriptions:

Web portal and app: