About Heatwork

HeatWork AS has developed its heating/thawing concept, and is the only company in Europe to manufacture its systems. The company has a strong focus on service, quality, and close communication with our customers. The machines that are manufactured in accordance with European standards and norms are mobile power stations specially designed for many areas of application: thawing frozen ground, curing concrete, frost protection, heating buildings, providing hot water for district heating systems, and many other uses.

HeatWork’s head office and factory are in Narvik and the company has recently moved into an ultra-modern 3,300 m2 factory. HeatWork’s customers are mainly machine contractors, petroleum companies, district heating companies, landscapers, hire companies, power companies, public agencies and companies involved in the construction business. HeatWork is represented in several different countries.

Facts about HeatWork AS

Head office and factory: Narvik, Norway

Sales and service: HeatWork AS

Sales and service: HeatWork Finland OY
Sales and service: MN-Lifttek Oy

Sales and service: HeatWork AB


HeatWork’s management team

Executive chairman: Almar Markussen
Email: almar@heatwork.com

Manager / CEO: Reidar J. Schille
E-post: reidar@heatwork.com

Production: Rune Flygel
Email: rune@heatwork.com

Marketing/sale: Kristin Markussen
Email: kristin@heatwork.com