HeatWork HW 3600, 2009 model

Brand: HeatWork
Model: HW 3600
Model year: 2009
Weight: 1950
Machine hours: 4676
CE marked: Yes
Price: SOLD

The machine has a new circulation pump (3900 liters) and has undergone a full service.
New thawing hoses 3×210 meters (to be replaced prior to delivery)

Can be supplied with generator (added to price)

The machine has a 6 month guarantee.

Three hose circuits optimize the thawing process and make it extremely flexible in its areas of application.
The machine is capable of thawing large areas, as well as heating buildings, halls, etc. by connecting to additional products, such as HW heating fans.

Our factory in Narvik has a central location in terms of freight logistics, e.g. trucks, trains, ships and airplanes.

Contact Tommy Larsen if you have any questions.

Telephone: +47 90 92 50 48
e-mail: tommy@heatwork.com