Proud supplier to Norwegian Defence Estate Agency

We have delivered a yellow HeatWork with extra signal light and reflective strip to Norwegian Defence Estate Agency.

This HeatWork shows up well when it’s out on a mission.
The machine is an HW3600, and will be used in the Norwegian Defence Estate Agency daily operations – for, among other things, remote defrosting, concrete work and building heating.

In addition, the machine is a standby solution when there is a need to temporarily heat tents, heat hot water and much more.

We are a proud supplier of equipment to Norwegian Defence Estate Agency.

About Norwegian Defence Estate Agency:
Norwegian Defence Estate Agency (Forsvarsbygg) is Norway’s largest public property operator. We establish, maintain and restore the defense sector’s property, buildings and facilities in peace, crisis and war. Today, we manage almost 13,000 buildings and facilities where the Armed Forces work, train and live.
Because the soldier needs a home. The plane needs a base. The submarine needs a port. The tank needs a firing range. The ripple effects of our activities affect citizens throughout Norway, both inside and outside the Armed Forces.