HeatWork HW 700, 2007 model

Brand: HeatWork
Model: HW 700
Year model: 2007
Weight: 1950
Machine hours: 8100
CE marked: Yes
Price: SOLD

The machine has a new circulation pump (2100 liters) and has undergone full service.
New thawing hoses 3×210 meters.
Temperature in hoses, adjustable from 0 – 82 Celsius
Boiler – 78 kW

The machine has a 6 month guarantee.
Can be delivered with a power aggregate for an additional price.

Three hose circuits deliver extremely flexible use and optimalize the thawing process.
The machine is capable of thawing large areas, as well as the heating of buildings, halls, etc by the connection of additional products, for example HW heating fans.

Our factory in Narvik is centrally located in relation to good logistics; trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes.


Contact Tommy Larsen for any questions.
Telephone: 90 92 50 48
e-mail: tommy@heatwork.com