Construction industry

HeatWork’s mobile systems produce an output of up to 103 kW that can be used for heating. Since HeatWork’s technology is based on fluid-borne heat, our machines can be used to operate systems such as underfloor heating, under-road heating, or can exchange heat from fluid to air via the HW Aerotemper. If unforeseen incidents occur, HeatWork’s mobile heating systems can also be connected directly to heat exchangers in buildings and ensure an uninterrupted supply of tap water and heating. HeatWork has numerous references from Norway and abroad, where our machines have been used for long-term and short-term periods, for the temporary operation of buildings such as hotels, nursing homes, offices, etc.
  • Heating buildings/garages/halls
  • Heating workshops/work tents
  • Connecting several HW Aerotempers by using a distribution center