Excellent for water and drainage jobs

Excellent for water and drainage jobs.

The operation and renovation of the water and drainage network in the municipalities can be challenging during the winter when Elvenes Machine received the job from Narvik VAR, they chose to use HW 3600 to thaw before digging up and replacing new water and drainage pipes in Narvik.

With quicker thawing, a low energy cost, and the use of hydronic heat, one gets the market’s most environmentally friendly thawing and heating alternative. Additionally, it is advantageous to use in the winter, as the frost helps to maintain stable verges.


  • You now have the opportunity to count on and perform water and drainage jobs during the wintertime
  • Avoid stoppage in work, keep your employees and machines at work all year-round
  • Digging in streets during the winter is excellent, as there is less traffic and tourists who are disturbed

HeatWork thaws double as fast:

  • 100°C
  • 103 kW
  • 94% efficiency
  • Self-driven and mobile
  • Hydronic heat = 100% environmentally friendly