To own or to rent – ask for HeatWork


To own or to rent ask for HeatWork

We are heading towards darker days. The air has a chill, and winter is knocking at the door.
Not everyone connects winter and frost with foundation work, digging, or laying rock. Many people don’t start projects that carry on through the winter months. They stop operations, or complete projects without optimal solutions. This makes it hard to ensure quality and progress in the project.

Thawing soil, snow, and ice is no longer a challenge for the branch, but instead a necessity to remain competitive. We are no longer talking about “The neighbor has one – do YOU?”, we’re talking about “The neighbor has one – do you really want to risk the winter without one?”

By choosing the correct equipment, you can avoid stops in production and temporary lay-offs, and work all year round.

Whether you want to own og to rent equipment this winter.

Here is an 8 point reminder list:

  1. Big effect. Small consumption. This is important for productive and profitable work. As for HeatWork technology, it is documented to thaw twice as fast.
  2. Make sure that your machine is capable of 100°C and 103 kW.
  3. Check that the weight of the machine is under 2000 kg – then it an easily be towed with a BE-license.
  4. Autostart on the aggregate gives you safe operation, independent of the stability of your power net.
  5. GSM can warn you by SMS of any irregularities.
  6. GPS positioning and operating history provides a full overview and enhanced control of work.
  7. HeatWork’s winter mats are perfect for thawing and securing against frost damage – they can also be used multiple times.
  8. Here at HeatWork, we help you with the right solution for your work.

To own or rent ask for HeatWork thawing solutions!

HeatWork thaws double as fast!               BK Anlegg tested HeatWork against a competitor!

For more information, contact:

Sales Manager
Tommy Larsen
tlf +47 909 25 048

Rolf-Eirik Ivarsson
tlf +47 911 02 251

Ronny Bjerkan
tlf +47 932 17 434

Torstein Bergli
tlf +47 482 80 958