A new invention has seen the light of day

Announcing the newly-developed heat exchanger with unforeseen areas of use

The employees of HeatWork are very proud to present this major innovation, which has been named CliWi. The invention is patent pending and is copyrighted.

It has taken more than 6 years and considerable resources to develop the technology involved, which very effectively provides the possibility of exchanging energy in most variations.
From liquid to air, liquid to liquid, air to liquid, and air to air. Contrary to current technology, which has its origins in the radiator, invented in the 1850’s, CliWi is built on flexible, module-based units. These make up one and the same construction, which provides a significantly more effective energy exchange.

CliWi represents a new chapter in environmental heat exchange.
Thorough tests have yielded positive results in temperature and effectivity, which will provide CliWi a considerable step ahead in competition compared with known systems on the market today. The system yields saved costs for the client and makes the environment a winner.

With CliWi, you get a lot from a little.
Through the CliWi product, HeatWork wishes to offer the market’s most flexible and ingenious exchange system. The possibilities for module construction and customization are about endless. CliWi can almost be constructed in any form and size one wants or requires. The products will be easy to operate and maintain. Together with high effect and low weight, this will make the products very user-friendly.

CliWi is a natural choice.
HeatWork is already launching the first series of products based on CliWi. We are talking about heating, cooling, air, and drying within the same system, for the industry and construction sectors.
Only your imagination can put limits on the possibilities of product development with CliWi. Exciting projects within the fishery, petroleum, and farming industries are also underway.

CliWi is not just a product which provides a significant lift to HeatWork’s clients through many areas of use throughout the year. There is also a standalone product which can exchange energy from many other energy sources.

HeatWork continues to keep our clients in focus – all year long.

HeatWork ansatte_lav
Proud employees can finally show off their new invention. Offering the market’s most flexible and ingenious exchange system provides clients with unforeseen possibilities with regard to energy exchange in many variations. Here, only your imagination can set the limits. From the left: Rune Flygel, Almar Markussen, Wen Deng, Stig Zachariassen, Atle Ernstsen, Finn Hansen, Lisbeth Pedersen og Reidar Schille (behind the elements).

The first product series based on CliWi is already ready, and will exchange liquid to air. Here, we are talking heating, cooling, air, and drying in the same system, for the industrial and construction sectors.