Ground thawing with hydronic heating

Ground thawing with hydronic heating – here are some smart tips

Here, we provide some smart tips for when you need to thaw ground frost in cold winter weather
When winter approaches and the ground begins to freeze, you may need to use a ground frost thawer Especially when it comes to ditch digging or foundation work, this is the equipment that allows you to easily continue working without delays.

How does HeatWork’s ground frost thawer work?

Heating hoses are placed over the area that is to be thawed. Warm liquid (HTF) circulates within a closed system and emits heat directly into the ground. The hoses are covered with insulation mats to avoid heat loss.

Do you need to remove snow before you thaw an area?

No, you don’t need to remove snow prior to thawing. The snow actually increases the thawing rate, because the melting snow drains into the ground.

How can HeatWork thaw twice as fast?

There are several reasons. For example, only HeatWork delivers 100°C and has a boiler capacity of up to 103 kW. In addition, a larger pump capacity, with which you can easily thaw 40-80 cm in a single day.

How much space should there be between the hoses?

20-30 centimeters between the hoses is optimal . Research shows that this provides best thawing efficiency!

How large of an area can i thaw in 24 hours?

With the ground thawer from HeatWork, you can thaw up to 200 square meters in 24 hours, under normal conditions. If you have an additional drum, you an double the thawing capacity to 400 square meters.

Can I monitor the machine from home?

Yes, with GSM control monitoring, you can receive an SMS if the machine stops. The generator also starts automatically in the event of power loss.

Why is it important to use HeatWork’s winter mats?

There are many good reasons to use our winter mats. They are specially developed with unique heat reflection which minimizes heat loss during the thawing process. They are extremely durable, do not absorb water, and can be used multiple times.

Can I use environmentally-friendly diesel in the machine?

Yes you can, all of our machines are customized so that you can use renewable diesel, standard EN 15940.

What are the advantages of hydronic heating?

This provides good overall economy, increased efficiency, and reduced operating costs to customers. Remember that an environmentally-conscious business strategy can be a competitive advantage for you.

Test description and foundation: HeatWork thaws double as fast

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Ground thawing with hydronic heating.
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