Thawing frozen soil

Thawing frozen soil with HeatWork is easy, effective, and economical

The winter has traditionally been a “waiting season” for the construction branch, and not everyone connects winter and frost with groundwork, digging, or stone laying. Our hydronic heating technology makes it easy to thaw frost or thawing frozen soil in the ground or wherever it is necessary, in order to maintain continued operations through the winter.

We know that a stand-still is expensive
By using a thawer from HeatWork, you have a one-up on the competition and can work throughout the year, regardless of the wind and weather. Thawing soil, snow, and ice is no longer a challenge for the construction branch. Our customers avoid both stops in the production and employee layoffs.

How can HeatWork thaw twice as fast?

There are several reasons. First, only HeatWork delivers 100°C on new machines. We have a boiler capacity of up to 103 kW. Additionally, the machine is delivered with a larger pump capacity than others on the market. With a thawer from HeatWork, you can therefore thaw 40-80 centimeters in 24 hours. Our equipment makes it possible to thaw an area of 200 m2 (400m2 with an extra drum) over 24 hours.

BK Anlegg tested HeatWork against a competitor

How does thawing frozen soil work with HeatWork?

  1. Flexible heating hoses are laid out over the area to be thawed, cured, or protected from frost.
  2. HeatWork’s heat transporting liquid (HTF) circulates in a closed system and emits heat directly into the ground.
  3. The hoses are covered with HeatWork’s reflecting isolation mats for maximal heat transfer and to avoid heat loss.
  4. Moisture in the soil heats up and thaws quickly and efficiently down into the ground, 40-80 centimeters a day (depending on the ground conditions).
  5. HeatWork has a high rate of effectivity and is very energy efficient. Among other things, this is due to a consistently high temperature, the hose circuit, and a powerful pump.
  6. The machine operates unmanned until the job is complete. It comes equipped with GPS and a GSM control unit that alerts you of any potential irregularities.



Test description and the basis are:

  1. Teletiner FrostHeater 100°C – as opposed to a similar machine in the market – 80°C
  2. Multiple tests performed in a frost-lab by Svein-Erik Sveen, PhD from Narvik University College. “Research on frost in soil problematics”.
  3. HW Insulation mats
  4. Larger pump capacity
  5. Shorter hose circuits

Usefulness for you as a customer:

  1. Provides greater economic gains in relation to planning and time
  2. The work can be completed and billed for on schedule
  3. Satisfied customers and satisfied users
  4. HeatWork’s FrostHeater is the most environment-friendly and cost-efficient heating option on the market.
  5. All of our machines have adjustable temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius and weigh under 2,000 kg.
  6. Weight under 2,000 kg
  7. Norwegian design and quality
  8. The same equipment can be used all year for other tasks

HeatWork thaws double as fast:

Thaws twice as fast

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