CliWi – dehumidifier


New! Modern dehumidifiers with digital operation and robust design

Our mobile CLIWI LX 63 / 65 dehumidifiers control humidity and are easy to use. Ideal for the construction business, damage restoration, industry and drying. The mobile CliWi dehumidifiers are user-friendly, with digital operation and a robust design.

The digital user panel allows easy control of humidity and service status. Time and energy use is also displayed on the control panel.

The dehumidifier is equipped with a pump and a quick connection for easy attachment of drainage hose (7.5 m) which is equipped instead of a water container. The dehumidifier pumps water into the sewer, avoiding the need to empty the water container.

CliWi LX65 has rubber wheels and a practical handle which makes it easy to move it from room to room, as well as up and down stairs.

Areas of use:

Damage restoration • Rental companies • Drying construction • Basements • Dry storage • The food industry • Production sites • Industrial sites • Archive rooms • Castles • Museums and churches • Leisure boats

Attributes of CLIWI dehumidifier LX 63 L:

  • High performance
  • Low energy use
  • Multiple units can be stacked and transported together
  • Small and light, with a robust design
  • Large capacity
  • Electronic display
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance

Technical information for CLIWI dehumidifier LX 63 L:

  • Effect: 230V, 50Hz, 550 W
  • Power: 2.7 A
  • Airflow: 400 cubic meters / hour
  • Weight: 31.5 kg
  • Size: 54 x 32 x 48 cm
  • Performance: 34L @ 26 °C/60% RH, 63L @ 32°C/90% R
  • Operating temperature: 5-38°C

Attributes of  CLIWI dehumidifier LX 65 L:

  • High performance
  • Low energy use
  • A practical handle, large wheels for easy transportation, robust design
  • Plastic buffers
  • Large capacity
  • Electronic display

Technical information for CLIWI dehumidifier LX 65 L:

  • Effect: 230V, 50Hz, 750 W
  • Power: 3.8 A
  • Airflow: 450 cubic meters / hour
  • Weight: 41.5 kg
  • Size: 47 x 48 x 88 cm
  • Performance: 36L @ 26 °C/60% RH, 65L/Day (30°C, 80%)
  • Operating temperature: 5-38°C