HydroHeater – Hot water on wheels

HeatWork has developed its HydroHeater by working closely with leading district heating companies, and it is aimed at anyone who needs to heat large quantities of water quickly. HydroHeater is suitable for a huge range of locations and can be transported by car to the location where it is to be used. It does not require any external additional components for use. It is easy to operate, and innovative systems ensure that the machine can be quickly connected to substations or heat exchangers in buildings, so that end users do not experience any interruptions or restrictions to their supply of tap water or heating.

Frost-protected for use in winter

The HydroHeater machine is suitable for use in both summer and winter. The wet side is easily frost-protected as it automatically drains after use.
The machine can deliver up to 6,000 litres of hot water per hour with an adjustable temperature from 0-100 °C

Thawing and heating soil

The HydroHeater can also be used for thawing and heating soil by connecting an extra drum with thawing hoses. Two hose circuits ensure that it is as flexible as HeatWork’s other thawing systems, with an equally high performance. The machine has a high capacity and can thaw soil in large areas, cable trenches, ditches and floors. Can easily heat buildings, halls etc. without water-borne central heating systems by connecting the HeatWork Aerotemper.

Capacity, flexibility and user-friendliness makes the HydroHeater extremely useful for a range of situations where hot water is required.

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