Technical data

HW 103 HH – hydronic heating

Technical dataHW 103 HH
Weight excluding diesel and generator1150 kg
Weight including diesel and generator1600 kg
Pump capacity, option 1
Pump capacity, option 2
6000 v/3,2 bar
9600 v/3,2 bar
System pressure normal operationAt start-up: 2-6 bar. During operation: 2-6 bar
Max. heating effect103 kW
Type of burnerSingel stage
Technical heating efficiency factor94%
Fluid temperatureAdjustable 0-105°C (Flow temperature)
Fuel consumptionMax. 9.0 l/h at constant burner operation.
DieselWinter diesel, Arctic Class 2 / EN 15940/Biodiesel BFO2G
Run time (up to)320 liter
HTF fluidHW HTF fluid
HTF-tank volumApprox. 50 litres
Industrial HW hoseReinforced heater hose. Max. temperature 120°C. Max. pressure 30 bar
El. connection/energy consumption230V/16A
External fuel connectionInkludert
Service hatches4 hatches for easier service access
Additional equipment:
• GSM-control monitoringReceive alerts via SMS in the event of a problem
• GPS Track UnitGPS positioning and operating log (subscription required)
• Generator, soundproofedCummins 4.8 kW, liquid-cooled 2-cylinder engine
• Automatic start, generatorGenerator starts automatically if mains power is interrupted
• Isolation transformerFor secure network operation
Automatic airingAutomatic airing of burner
• Extra power outlet16A outlet on power supply
• LED lights on mastLED floodlight. Practical and robust floodlight. Attaches to the machine