PetroHeater: Specially developed for heating in the petroleum industry

PetroHeater is fitted with components and systems which meant that the machine can operate on oil and gas facilities in accordance with the security measures required there.

The technology has already been used by oil companies and ISO-providers in Norway and abroad, for surface treatments in environments where a fire or explosion hazard is present.
Our fluid-borne technology means that we can transport up to 103 kW of energy to areas such as work tents, using CliWi to heat and dry the air inside the tents.
Larger structures can also be heated efficiently using contact heat from the hoses that contain circulating fluid at temperatures up to 100°C.
The machines have also proved to be extremely useful for frost protection and melting snow and ice away from process facilities.


For oil companies, this means continuity in surface treatments without compromising on quality.
Logistics and accommodation problems are avoided, because a smaller workforce can work all year round, rather than summer-only larger teams that overload facilities.

By extending the season for surface work, it also becomes easier for ISO-providers to maintain their schedules and avoid losing key people to other projects.

HeatWork has been approved by Achilles JQS