CliWi – Electric

100% ELECTRIC building heating!

Construction sites free of fossil-fuel and emissions

HeatWorks electric novelty is designed for maximum energy efficiency and state-of-the-art user interface. CliWi has the smart combination of a quiet and powerful duct fan with a round design of elements. This means that the air passes all the heating elements evenly, without internal resistance. It provides a maximum temperature increase and an optimal distribution of air.

The test results are completely raw!
Up to 30% higher temperature increase than similar products on the market.

We have worked with heating for well over 15 years and have built up solid expertise in the area. Our award-winning CliWi has now also become electric.

CliWi has several power levels up to 18 kW.
The product is solid and practically constructed with low weight and enclosed in powder-coated aluminium. CliWi is equipped with a proprietary textile distributor that disperses the air 360 degrees around, and can maintain the heat level in an area of approximately 400m².


  • Norwegian design
  • The round design of the fan and heating element provides maximum temperature increase
  • Two filters for smoother and better airflow – also provides longer change intervals
  • Filters in different filter classes – F7 or G4
  • Textile air distributor that provides 360 degree dispersal and maximum throw range
  • High delta-T and high air currents provide an energy efficient system
  • Low weight and 4 large wheels make it easy to lift, move and transport
  • Digital thermostat for room temperature control