HW 6000e


100% electric and emissions-free machine

HW 6000e has a large capacity, enabling it to handle all types of assignment where heat is required.

It is built around 3 circuits, each of which delivering 36 kW of power, which can be connected as required. This means that the machine can easily be operated even in projects where there is limited access to power. With all circuits connected, the machine produces a heat output of 108 kW.

It supplies fluid-borne heat at a temperature of up to 100°C, has a pump capacity of 6,000 litres/hour, and is the only electrical machine currently available on the market that can deliver an output in excess of 100 kW. It is an absolute electric dynamo that is perfect for use in zero emissions building and installation projects.

The machine is built around a closed fluid-borne heating system, with 630 m of pre-filled hose distributed across 3 flexible hose circuits. Temperature can be controlled between 0-100oC.

In addition, the new HW6000e is also equipped with flexible digital controls, making it easy to control and adjust the machine from any digital device.

Technical data here

Thawing and frost protection
• Water and sewage system
• Cable trenches
• Roofs and covers
• Roofs and covers
• Coating areas
• Sand masses, settling sand
• Refilling compounds
• Pipe streets
• Building under construction/rehabilitation
• Warehouses and utility halls
• Damage remediation
• Moisture damage – dehumidification building
• Work tent
Curing of concrete/preheating
• Base area before casting
• Supply of heat during hardening of concrete
• Formwork and concrete work
• Hole cover elements
• Mountain and bedrock during anchoring work