HW 103 HH


The HW 103 HH is a specially-designed machine for building heating, drying, damage restoration, heat treatment, pest control…

The HW 103 HH is a specially-designed machine with a high capacity, low weight, and many useful adjustments that it make it ideal for both minor and major heating-related tasks in a variety of fields. It is built to supply large amounts of energy into buildings with temporary heating requirements, using CliWi products.

At 103 kW, the machine is automated and mobile. It delivers up to 100 °C hydronic heat, with an effectiveness rating of 94%.
This machine with its associated extra equipment is meant for work in construction, drying, damage restoration, concrete, and pest control. The extra equipment includes heat exchangers, fans, hoses, isolation mats, spools, and more.

HeatWork’s machines use diesel or 2nd generation bio-diesel to heat a circulating heat-fluid, and electricity to run the pumps and control system. On-the-go regulation of the fluid temperature provides flexible and economic operation. Easy transport, connection, and wireless control make this machine unique.

What makes HW 103 HH unique?

  1. The fluid circulates within a closed system
  2. The circulation pump includes an automated-stop function
  3. Low weight – from 1,150 kg
  4. Wireless start/stop
  5. Digitally display with temperature details
  6. Drip-free connections
  7.  Large pump capacity
  8. Maximum lift height, 60 meters

Areas of use: examples

  • Building heating/drying
  • Heat treatment of construction areas, things
  • Pest control
  • Concrete work
  • Damage restoration

Practical hose spool

CliWi W90
There is room for 2 hose spools in the machine. 92 meters of 5/8 hose, or 40 meters of 1″ hose.


CliWi is an abbreviation for “Climate Winter” and is an extremely environmentally friendly, smart, and effective way to exchange energy.

Achieve fossil and emissions-free construction sites with the in newest hydronic heating
CliWi – a new patented exchange technology – fluid-borne heating