Thawing frozen soil


Thawing frozen soil – Soil thawer from HeatWork for frost protection and soil thawing

Year-round use – large potential
During the winter, thawing soil and snow is important, but HeatWork is also often used for heating, drying, and the controlled casting of concrete. This is a machine with potential. In the summer season, there are also all sorts of possibilities related to heating water, as a heat exchanger on construction sites, arrangements/events, or other temporary tasks. Perfect for drying or heating buildings/halls.

  • With our add-on products, you have great possibilities to use HeatWork all year round!
  • New! CliWi for building heating and temporary operation of hydronic floor heating.

Examples of areas of use

  • Thawing frozen soil, thawing frost, ice, and snow
  • Controlled heat supply for casting concrete
  • Heating building/garage/workshop
  • Preheating concrete prior to laying membranes
  • Spot thawing for foundations, signposts, manholes, etc
  • Frost protection of materials/construction ground
  • Preheating prior to casting concrete in winter
  • Thawing roofs prior to roofing work

We have the soil thawing equipment, your skilled professionals do the job!
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