Bedrock heating

As a part of HeatWork Concrete Systems, we have developed a patented method for preheating mountains and bedrock in relation to concrete and foundation work. This method is based on placing heating poles into drilled holds and heating up the bedrock vertically. By heating bedrock in this manner, one accomplishes:

  • Controlled temperatures in drilling holes during the grouting of foundations
  • The equalization of temperature differences between the mountain and concrete screeds
  • The accumulation of heat in the mountain, which leads to a controlled hardening process in screeds

Like the rest of HeatWork’s product portfolio, the heating poles are designed for hydronic-based heating in a closed system. Mountain heating therefore occurs with great efficiency without dampening bedrock during the heating process. The heating poles can be customized to desired lengths and deliver an even heating of the mountain.

The results of the project show that the temperature in the bedrock can be very difference from the air temperature, and can have temperatures below zero even after long periods of mild weather. Because the material used for grouting in anchoring rock bolts represents small volumes and the cross sections are often thinner, the grouting material will not be able to effect the temperature in the drilling hole. If there is moisture in the mountain in addition, this can freeze and impair the quality of anchoring in the end results.

HeatWork Concrete Systems provides full control and optimal conditions for casting on mountains – independent of air temperature and original temperature of the bedrock.