Forget about worrying that hard winters with low temperatures and deep frosts will destroy your new plants or plant stocks. With HeatWork, you can give your plants exactly the warmth they need, just when they need it the most. We are the market leader in 0-100°C heating technology, and we make it easy for you to meet all your heating, thawing or frost protection needs.
  • External heat for cultivated plants
  • Drying peat
  • Heating greenhouses/tents/benches
  • Heating buildings/garages/workshops
  • Thawing frozen ground/ice/snow
  • Thawing courtyards/entrance areas/stairs
  • Thawing water channels/trenches/waterways
  • Frost protection of materials/construction ground
  • Frost protection of water/wells
  • Power supply
  • Hot water for showers/hot tubs
  • Machinery for hire/events