Construction industry

With HeatWork in your machinery portfolio, you know that you will be able to keep to your deadlines, no matter how deeply the winter cold bites. Our innovative systems for thawing frozen ground are highly efficient, and designed to ensure that they are user-friendly and environment-friendly, thereby doing away with the need to continually monitor thawing work. All of HeatWork’s ground-thawing machines have a 0-100°C temperature range, and feedback from our clients tells us that they achieved a thawing speed double that of older machines, where the thawing hoses could only achieve 70-80°C.

Avoid layoffs and get the job done by the agreed time – choose HeatWork!

  • Thawing frozen ground/ice/snow
  • Thawing before compression
  • Spot thawing of foundations/manholes/signs
  • Frost protection of aggregates
  • Frost protection of construction ground
  • Heating buildings/garages
  • Heating work tents/halls
  • Curing concrete
  • Power supply
  • Machinery hire