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With the help of world-leading oil companies, HeatWork has developed and adapted our products so that they meet the stringent safety requirements that regulate the use of equipment in environments such as gas installations and refineries. Unlike other systems on the market, our technology is based on the fluid-borne transmission of energy to the target environment. The surface temperatures of HeatWork’s systems do not require exemption from the safety regulations, and the equipment does not have to be continually monitored by personnel. With an impressive fuel utilization of 94% in a closed fluid-borne heating system, HeatWork systems can significantly reduce your operating costs.

The heated hoses are fed from the machine to the end location, where the structure can then be heated using contact heat, with the hoses in direct contact with the structure, or heated air, when the heating hoses are connected to the HW Aerotemper, for environments such as scaffolding tents. By locating the HW Aerotemper inside the scaffolding tent, the environment can be heated quickly and efficiently, because it is the air inside the scaffolding tent that is heated, not the cold and damp outside air.

  • Surface treatment
  • Heating work tents