Power and telecoms companies

HeatWork solves many of the challenges that power and telecoms companies can face in the winter season. The machines can be used to thaw frozen ground for cable trenches, so that new trenches can be excavated or damaged cables replaced in winter. This process is highly efficient, and with temperatures that are low enough not to damage communications cables during the thawing process. When thawing is complete, the same machine can be used to heat workers’ tents so that work on cables, joints, terminations, etc. can be performed under controlled temperature conditions, which assures a high quality of workmanship and better working conditions for crews. Frost protection for small power station water intakes is another area for which HeatWork supplies unique systems.
  • Frost protection of water intakes
  • Frost protection of construction ground
  • Thawing frozen ground for cable trenches
  • Thawing frozen ground around damaged cables
  • Spot-thawing mast foundations or manholes
  • Heating buildings/garages
  • Heating workshops/work tents
  • Curing concrete
  • Power supply