Building contractors



For our clients in the construction industry, HeatWork’s products have become one of the most important tools for winter work. More and more construction contractors are reporting back that it would have been impossible for them to avoid significant delays in construction projects without our flexible heating systems. Our products are used to ensure quality, continuous progress and profitability throughout the entire process, from foundation work and concreting work to heating the buildings themselves.

See also Concrete Systems

  • Temporary operation of water-borne underfloor heating systems
  • Thawing ice and snow
  • Thawing roofs prior to roofing work
  • Thawing frozen ground before compressing
  • Preheating prior to casting concrete in winter
  • Preheating concrete prior to laying membranes
  • Curing concrete
  • Frost protection for materials
  • Heating buildings/garages
  • Preheating workshops/work tents
  • Power supply
  • Machinery hire