Oil companies


HeatWork’s fluid-borne heating technology can deal with seemingly impossible needs in the petroleum industry. It is now possible to achieve a high output for heating purposes. Our technology has been developed in close cooperation with some of the world’s premier companies, and has been adapted to meet essential safety requirements that regulate work in areas where an explosion hazard is present. Heating means that many tasks that are normally associated with the summer months can now be performed all year round. This reduces the demand on accommodation facilities in high season, and achieves continuity, because key personnel can be retained throughout the entire project.The use of heating systems is becoming more common, because more oil and gas than ever before is being recovered from Arctic regions. Our technology is a result of many years of testing and development for use in extremely challenging conditions, and we are now researching, developing and manufacturing machines north of the Arctic Circle.

  • Thawing frozen soil
  • Thawing and frost protection of components in process facilities
  • Concreting work in Arctic regions
  • Curing/frost protection for winter concrete castings
  • Surface treatments
  • Hot consumptive water
  • Heating rooms
  • Heating tank facilities