HeatWork’s lightweight, versatile and mobile heating technology means that our products are guaranteed winners in the agricultural heating market. Whether you want to use the equipment for heating, frost protection, thawing or even as a power supply, you can be sure that HeatWork will meet your needs.
  • Heating buildings/garages/workshops
  • Frost protection of water/wells
  • Frost protection of materials/construction ground
  • Frost protection/curing for winter concrete castings
  • Thawing frost, ice, and snow
  • Thawing courtyards/entrance areas/stairs
  • Thawing water channels/trenches/waterways
  • Thawing round bales
  • Drying hay/corn/peat
  • Hot water for showers/hot tubs/jacuzzis
  • Power supply
  • Summer mountain farms/farm tourism
  • Machinery for hire/events