MiniHeater: Mobile hydronic heater – delivers 100°C.
Effective for hydronic ground thawing, heating, concrete work, damage restoration, and more

Our award-winning industrial design and patented heating technology has evolved in a new generation of frost heater products. As always, our focus has been on value, reliability and the environment.

The most compact mobile heating solutions for use all year round – everywhere!
HeatWork’s self-driven and mobile machines deliver 100°C fluid-borne heat, with an effectivity level of 95%. Our machines are the market’s most environmentally friendly and profitable thawing and heating solutions; for concrete work, heating buildings, damage restoration, and hydronic ground thawing in cold climates.

The advantages of the HW MY35 are its compact size and light weight, which make it easy to transport by helicopter, car, ATV, tractor, etc. This machine will enable contractors working in inaccessible locations to tackle the problems caused by low temperatures and allow them to pour concrete, heat water, thaw aggregates, heat workers’ portable cabins, etc. With its built-in power unit, the HW MY35 can also provide a power supply for other purposes.

It has numerous areas of application, such as heating, or melting snow, ice and frozen ground, and will be extremely useful to small and medium-sized businesses, the agricultural industry and the private market. The HW MY35 can be customized to customers’ needs, enabling companies with smaller-scale jobs and smaller investment budgets to use our systems.

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How to thaw frozen ground with the MiniHeater

  1. Flexible heating hoses are laid out over the area to be thawed, cured, or protected from frost.
  2. HW’s heat transfer fluid circulates in a closed system and gives off heat directly into the ground.
  3. The hoses are covered with reflecting HW insulating mats so that the maximum amount of heat is transferred with no heat loss.
  4. The moisture in the material is heated, and quickly and effectively thaws downward, 30-80 cm in 24 hours, depending on ground conditions.
  5. The machine operates unmanned until the job is complete. A GSM control unit will notify the operator of any irregularities.

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