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A quick and green hydronic heat treatment for pest control

HeatWork and CliWi pest systems are used for pests problems by several leading pest-control companies. The results are very satisfying and the system is considered as an innovative development to an increasing problem. HeatWork’s strong focus on taking care of health, the environment and safety makes the system very attractive to the market – without the use of poison and chemicals.

HeatWork won the prestigious Building Industry Innovation Award in 2017 for CliWi!

New, effective, health- and environmentally friendly system for the extermination of bedbug, pests

HW 103 HH and HW x2 are a specially developed machines for use in heat treatment. The machines is fitted with components and solutions that meet the requirements pests industry sets.

It is self-driven and mobile machines operating at from 15kW to 200 kW. These special machines deliver 100°C of hydronic heat with an effectivity of 94%. The machine is also prepared for climate friendly bio-fuel.

Check our new MiniHeater MY 15kW for smaller and smart heating jobs.

Together with the newcomer CliWi, a unique hydronic heat technology, makes this an innovative system for heat treatment in pest control, damage restoration, building heating, drying and so on.
The system can well be used in situations with flour mills and other food factories – and can also be used for wood worm treatments.

The environment and the economy in focus

• Hydronic heating – 100% environmentally friendly drying and heating. Adjustable extermination temperatures (50 to 60 degrees Celsius)
• Energy efficient heat exchange – High efficiency and low energy consumption reduce costs. Short treatment time
• Green energy – Clean air, safe working environment and poisen-free. No fire hazard
• Low weight and user-friendly design – CliWi is small, easy to use with great performance
• Low noise level
• Heat has never looked better – Modern design and color in addition to high effect

Reference project:

Amsterdam: Hydronic heat treatment of bed bugs (example, 7 hotel rooms treated at the same time in just 6 hours)

Mauritius: Hydronic heat treatment of pests in hotels and villas

Germany: Hydronic heat treatment (Food process industry – flour mill)

France: Hydronic heat treatment of pests

We promote a green workplace

  • Safe and pleasant indoor/work climate
    – Greatly reduced danger of health issues
    – Does not burn harmful dust/particles
    – Gives off no emissions, poison, air, or moisture
    – No danger of fire or explosion
  • Closed hydronic heat exchanger system
  • Flexible and module-based for various tasks
  • Max 100°C on components and hoses
  • Bio-energy ready, for the environment

HeatWork ensures consistently safe operation

  • Mobile, self-propelled, and user-friendly
  • Energy – heating oil or 100% bio-energy
  • Quiet
  • Easy set-up
  • Quick and effective temperature increase
  • Unique module-based air and exchanger system, flexible
  • Quality products with a long lifetime and ensured operation

Your economic benefits

  • Low energy use
  • Time-saving and effective products
  • The concept’s main systems have  a long lifetime
  • Can be monitored and controlled by GSM and/or GPS
  • A thermostat-controlled monitoring system
  • Energy use + functionality + lifetime = low total costs

Read more about CliWi systems here!

Rentokil uses Heatworks revolutionary thermal solution

Rentokil who is an expert on pest control uses Heatworks effective system for heat treatment of bedbugs-infested areas, such as apartments, hotel and so on. Heat kills bed bugs from egg to finished adult individual and is a completely non-toxic method.
The method stands out because it saves the environment in a whole new way, both unnecessary emissions from generators and adverse substances contained in toxic preparations. And the method does not burn hazardous dust and particles.
Rentokil I

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