CliWi 400kW – mobile district heating

NEW mobile district heating for constuction

A mobile unit with solid function.
Are delivered on wheels for easy transportation, or in a container.
The primary side is connected with flange. Secondary side is set up with easy plug&play on all connections, with the ability to adjust.

Unique secondary side:

    • Large pump capacity
    • Frequency controlled pumpe, with adjustable flow and differential pressure
    • Glycol based secondary side – frost protection and corrosion dampening
    • Our uniqque pump enables the use of low dimensions on the hoses
    • Pre-filled hoses
    • Drip-free quick couplings
    • Plug&play on all the hoses and conections to CliWi-system
    • Easy rigg – and easy set up for additional equipment if needed


Mobile unit for temporary use of heat within constructions industry

  • Thawing / frosen ground
  • Frost protection
  • Concrete construction
  • Building heating
  • Underfloor heating