CliWi – air and heating


CliWi for building heating, drying, heat treatment, damage restoration and more

Unique environmental products that provide clean air and improved indoor air quality. Hydronic heat – the best alternative for the environment!

The product exchange energy from air or liquid, inside or outside, hot or cold – all in one system!

CliWi Exchanger is the most exciting new development in evironmentally friendly heating and ventilation systems; it is extremely flexible, efficient and user-friendly.
To switch from liquid to air you only need waterborne energy or HeatWork machine, which is based on liquid-borne heat and produces up to 103kW.

Everywhere there is use of heating, CliWi is a natural choice.
The modular products make it easy to customize solutions for different jobs.

HeatWork presents first product series with CliWi

CliWi air systems 200
< 1500 m3/h
8 kg
H:497 B:284 D:430
CliWi air systems 300
< 4000 m3/h
14 kg
H:547 B:418 D:444
CliWi exchanger 200
< 18 kW
12 kg
H:497 B:284 D:430
CliWi exchanger 300
< 30 kW
H:547 B:418 D:444


CliWi air systems is one of the most efficient systems for transport of air.

  • Dry out buildings
  • Construction and renovation projects
  • Desiccation
  • Exhaust
  • Smoke
  • Gas
  • Moisture damaged environment
  • and more…

Basic abilities CliWi air systems:

  • Modular and stand alone
  • Also designed for connection to CliWi exchanger
  • Large air volume due to power demand
  • Connection for ventilator hose, suction- and pressure side
  • Protective grilles on blowout and intake
  • Two speed fan
  • Light weight
  • Compact, easy and functional size
  • Powerful form, with double walls in UV- resistant polyethylene
  • IP 44

CliWI exchanger is the markets most efficient exchanger for liquid and air. Modular, gives an temperature effect up to 90 °C.

  • Building heating
  • Building drying
  • Damage restoration
  • Bedbugs killing
  • Concrete
  • Cooling
  • Produkt/Material drying
  • Moisture damaged environment

Basisegenskaper exchanger:

  • Even distribution of air flow
  • Easy to connect ventilation ducts, etc.
  • Connection socket for ventilation hose, sug- and pressure side
  • Protective grille on sug- and pressure side
  • Powerful execution, double walls in UV-resistant polyethylene
  • Equipped with quick connection to a closed fluid system
  • Emptying the alternates are not required
  • Maintenance friendly. Can be easily cleaned with eg a pressure washer
  • Room thermostat, preset to the desired temperature
  • Can be connected to other fluid-borne heating systems and Heatworks machines and CliWi air systems



CliWi air hose
Cliwi air hose is flexible and solid PVC vinyl. Easy to assemble, facilitates drying of hard to reach areas. Ideal for transporting dust and polluted air from different tasks.
The hose is mounted on the input and outlet for evacuation of air.
CliWi air tube can be joined together as required. Supplied with fixed rings for hanging. Delivered in bag

Delivered in 3 and 7.5 meter lengths
Ø 200 mm – CliWi air 200 and CliWi exchanger 200
Ø 300 mm – CliWi air 300 and CliWi exchanger 300

CliWi Dust Bag G3
For drying and evacuation fan CliWi air systems. For drying and evacuation fans to collect the coarse dust. This prevents the spread of dust and particles by building, redevelopment- and demolition work statement, and more
G3 standard EN 779:2012
Ø 305 mm L=2m
Ø 305 mm L=4m