Ice Guard Systems


Ice Guard Systems – Thaws culverts in one minute

HW Ice Guard Systems from HeatWork is a patented solution for fast, easy and safe opening of frozen culverts and waterways. The solution is currently used by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Bane NOR.

The system works by piping permanently mounted in culvert where experience can cause ice problems.

Frozen waterways and ice in ditches
Use of IGS results in significant savings in time and costs when opening frozen waterways, and will provide better working conditions for those who work with ice problems in roads and railways.

The solution is environmentally friendly and provides efficient utilization of labor by the fact that many locations can be serviced during the same day

Examples of applications

  • Unblocking water channels
  • Thawing ice in ditches
  • Thawing frost/ice/snow
  • Point-thawing of foundations/manholes/signs