Millions in savings on winter construction is possible

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Statnett Nord uses 10 million Norwegian crowns a year to rehabilitate concrete foundations in Northern Norway. New research can contribute to the reduction of maintenance and development costs.

Winter casting can lead to an extension of the construction season by two to three months and can contribute to reduced development costs, as construction time is reduced. “In addition, we hope to limit the rehabilitation budget,” says Bergit Svenning, the business group leading in Statnett Nord SF in the Norwegian Research Council’s article.

Statnett is planning to invest 50 to 70 billion Norwegian crowns in the coming decade

“It is therefore important to have research that ensures reasonable use of community funds,” says Svenning.

The cooperation with Norut Narvik and the results reported by ColdTech in their report are absolutely decisive, not just for line development between Ofoten-Hammerfest, but for all development and rehabilitation projects we know that we will complete in the coming years.

Secure, high-quality concrete foundations in the winter

The research is performed by ColdTech, and is to contribute new knowledge regarding concrete casting and hardening in low temperatures. This is to ensure that Statnett casts high-quality concrete foundations during the winter.

The year year without temporary layoffs for Visinor

The construction company Visinor from Narvik is already working on casting foundations for Statnett Nord. The previous winter was the first time that the company avoided temporary layoffs due to cold weather. This makes Terje Feragen, CEO of Visinor Rehab AS, very satisfied with HeatWork’s solution.

The project ensures jobs and applied competence which remains in the region

The project has been very exciting. “The researchers have brought in new knowledge, HeatWork has been assured that our machine works, Visinor is operating all year-round without temporary layoffs, and Statnett Nord is able to construct during the winter,” says Reidar J. Schille, CEO of the Narvik company HeatWork.