Technical data

HW Aerotempers can be connected to all HeatWork machines and used to heat buildings during construction or renovation work, halls, etc. with their 5/8” hoses in 5, 10 or 25 meter lengths. A distribution center can be used to connect several Aerotempers.


Height: 970 mm
Length: 1005 mm
Width: 540 mm
Volume: shipping volume 0.6 m3
Weight: 41 kg
Material: Steel sheeting
Output: 33-80 kW
Air flow: 3900 m3/h
Mounting: Frame-mounting
Electrical connection: 10A (207 W)


Height: 710 mm
Length: 620 mm
Width: 460 mm
Volume: shipping volume 0.2 m3
Weight: 21 kg
Material: Steel sheeting
Output: 11-27 kW
Air flow: 1100 m3/h
Mounting: Frame-mounted, can be wall/ceiling mounted
Electrical connection: 10A (92 W)